About DoubleDot

It pains me physically to see woman victimized, rendered pathetic by fashion.

Doubledot is a clothing brand that offers a range of fascinating designs at an affordable price. Our main aim is to cater to the modern men’s & women’s complete wardrobe requirement.

And all our clothes are made with high-quality materials that are manufactured locally and created with the intent to make the fit so comfortable that you’ll never want them off! Scaling new heights, Doubledot has taken a step forward into the world of fashion by realigning product offerings to meet the changing lifestyle demands of its customer and re-instating their trust in the brand.

Doubledot has revamped existing products in the market and introduced a uni-brand concept. Offering and creating a unique shopping environment, this concept will give customers the ease of browsing through various collections.

Phone: 076 2994 403
Email: info@doubledotfashion.lk